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What is the average ratio on your sites?

It is about 1:100 from SE traffic, 1:350 from TOP list traffic and 1:550 from CJ sources but it all depends on the sites you are promoting.
How much will I get from each signup and rebill?

You will receive 50% from each sale. Though the percentage can go higher if you produce more than the average webmaster (up to 10% more).
Who is your billing processor?

Currently we use, and They are all connected to the ultimate cascade billing system which allows us to keep the percentage of declined sales to a minimum level.
Who will pay me money and when?

All payments are made by international wire transfers or ePassporte. Minimum payable amount is $125. Should it happen that by the end of the period you have less than $125, then the payment will be postponed until you earn the needed amount. Wire transfer fee is $35. The fee for transferring funds to ePassporte accounts is $2.

All payments are made twice a month, on the 1st for the period 01-15th of the previous month, and on the 16th for the period 16-31st.

We can create an ePassporte account. The fee is $5 but does not include an ePassporte Visa Electron card.
Do you provide free hosting and content?

We do provide free content. You will be able to find it in the members area of We also provide Free Hosted Galleries for your TGPs.
What other free bonuses can I also get while working with you?

Free content, free hosted galleries, free submission software (GS Submission), the best traffic stats and a huge number of advanced features to help you make more money!
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